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Create online store for free
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You have a full-fledged e-shop with us for free.

Improve the e-shop with only what you really need.

Full-fledged e-shop
for free

What does the free e-shop include?

  • check 1x payment gateway
  • check 1x shipping method
  • check 1x language version
  • check 1x currency
  • check custom defined payments and shipping
  • check up to 500 products
  • check own domain
  • check online customer support
  • check choice of 3 templates
  • check API
Create online store for free
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Extra charge feature

Improve your Flexumshop with other plugins!

Pay only for what you really need

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Custom template structure and design? Yes please! The template is fast and can be tweaked with add-ons. I just choose the one I need. Flexibility and speed are words that describe FlexumShop exactly. Thanks!

- David S.


I came across Flexumshop while looking for a system that would allow me not to pay unnecessarily high amounts from the start of my business in darts. Since it is free, this system was an obvious choice. In addition, if I want, I can pay only for the accessories I choose. The full-fledged foundation is simply free.

- Martin B.


Overall great communication and they helped with everything. They created a tailor-made e-shop, according to my idea. It was no problem to fine-tune every little thing to perfection. Here you will find everything you need for your own website or e-shop, everything is well laid out both for you and for website visitors. I am delighted with the result, I can only recommend it.

- Kubíček J.


For a long time I was thinking about setting up an e-shop and only FlexumShop convinced me that I can easily create an e-shop according to my ideas. It is not a classic box solution, but really a flexible system. I definitely recommend it!

- Dana H.


Our journey to a better system

Discount coupons

Discount shopping? Discount coupons are just the beginning!


Shipping limits

Set different shipping prices based on weight or price limits.


Feeds import

Importing data into the system will soon be easier.


Customization of the order notification

Automatic sending of emails based on order status, selected shipping method or payment method.


E-shop for the whole world

Works on any device and from anywhere

FlexumShop works just as well on a computer as it does on a tablet or mobile phone. Customers will love your e-shop thanks to the perfect responsiveness of the graphic templates.

FlexumShop is also a world traveler. You want to sell in Asia, Europe, America or even Africa. FlexumShop makes it possible. Customers will access your e-shop the same way everywhere and enjoy fast loading pages. It is up to you whether you translate your e-shop into French, Ukrainian or even Finnish. You can sell in dollars, euros, crowns or any other currency. FlexumShop is truly flexible.


For free? Really!

FlexumShop is actually free in its basic version.


What is the probationary period?

You have 30 days to fill the e-shop. By the end of this period, the e-shop needs to be launched under its own domain. However, if you do not have time to prepare the e-shop, you can extend the trial period. Alternatively, you can close the e-shop at any time.

You don't have to worry, even after the end of the trial period (the e-shop is already displayed under its own domain) you will have an online store completely free!



Your e-shop will grow with your demands. Add more features to your online store through the Flexumshop plugins and make shopping easier for your customers.