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Create e-shop for free
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A fully functional e-shop for free forever includes:

E-shop properties:

  • integrated payment gateway
  • integrated local carrier
  • self-defined payments Option of cash on delivery or any other self-defined payment
  • up to 500 products up to 500 products in the shop, including the possibility of parameters and product groups
  • product categories Unlimited number of product categories
  • product search & filtering
  • registered customer management


  • unlimited number of operated e-shops
  • own domain Connecting 1 custom 2nd level domain to each e-shop
  • 99.9% availability from anywhere
  • very fast server response
  • regular system updates
  • partial customer support Ability to leave us feedback and influence the future development of the e-shop platform
  • compliance with legislation Ensuring all functions to meet the legal requirements for the operation of the e-shop (GDPR, cookies, etc...)
  • web hosting Secured server for stable operation of your e-shop


  • choice of 3 templates
  • personalization of e-shop graphics
  • 100% customizable graphics Possibility of any custom HTML / CSS / JS code


  • marketplace Access to the marketplace with additional widgets and add-ons
  • API 1000 flexpoints for API usage, allowing any extension of the e-shop & connection of other apps

Mass operations:

  • bulk product management
  • XML import of products
  • XML product export



I switched to Flexumshop from a competing box solution. Flexumshop is exactly what I have been looking for for a long time, a flexible system where I can set everything myself. I see the possibility of editing your own template and subscribing to only used add-ons as a huge plus. Finally, I have to praise the technical support, which works promptly. For me, I definitely recommend trying it!

- Miroslav Č.


Custom template structure and design? Yes please! The template is fast and can be tweaked with add-ons. I just choose the one I need. Flexibility and speed are words that describe Flexumshop exactly. Thanks!

- David Sättler


For a long time I was thinking about setting up an e-shop and only Flexumshop convinced me that I can easily create an e-shop according to my ideas. It is not a classic box solution, but really a flexible system. I definitely recommend it!

- Dana Homerová


Fish out a plug-in for your e-shop


Your e-shop will grow with your demands. Add more features to your online store through the Flexumshop marketplace and make shopping easier for your customers.

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Our journey to a better system

Price history according to EU regulations

Transparent product price history.


Improving our marketplace

Plugin validity notifications, notification via e-mails, clearer menu...


GoPay payment gateway

The most convenient way to pay on your computer and mobile that you know.


Own order form

Would you like to edit the items on the order form? Mission accepted.


You sell. Leave the technology to us

Works on any device and from anywhere

Flexumshop works just as well on a computer as it does on a tablet or mobile phone. Customers will love your e-shop thanks to the perfect responsiveness of the graphic templates.

Flexumshop is also a world traveler. You want to sell in Asia, Europe, America or even Africa. Flexumshop makes it possible. Customers will access your e-shop the same way everywhere and enjoy fast loading pages. It is up to you whether you translate your e-shop into French, Ukrainian or even Finnish. You can sell in dollars, euros, crowns or any other currency. Flexumshop is truly flexible.


For free? Really!

Flexumshop is actually free in its basic version. And you are really not limited by any trial period. See for yourself!


E-shop for the whole world

Set any currency and language for your e-shop and sell worldwide.



Your e-shop will grow with your demands. Add more features to your online store through the Flexumshop marketplace and make shopping easier for your customers.